Monday, March 31, 2014

preferential vote results in gampaha (provincial council election 2014)

United People’s Freedom Alliance ( seats 23)
  1. Prasanna Ranatunge- 249,678
  2. Nimal Lansa- 106,661
  3. Sahan Pradeep- 59,892
  4. Samanmali Sakalasooriya- 53,447
  5. Sisira Jayakody- 43,331
  6. Sunil Wijerathne- 42,488
  7. Kokila Gunawardene- 40,291
  8. Meryl Perera- 40,180
  9. Ananda Rupasinghe- 38,477
  10. Upul Rajapaksa- 37,674
  11. Susara Dinal- 37,598
  12. Gunasiri Jayanath- 36,240
  13. Lakshman Gunawardene- 33,781
  14. Lalith Wanigarathne- 32,713
  15. Ananda Harischandra de Silva- 30,833
  16. Nirosha Athukorala- 30,807
  17. Chandana Jayakody- 30,081
  18. Lionel Jayasinghe- 29,863
  19. Upali Gunarathne- 29,215
  20. Sandya Siriwardene- 29,206
  21. Upul Antony- 27,308
  22. Ravindra Prasad Perera- 26,396
  23. Dilshan Jayawardene- 25,489
United National Party ( 10 seats)
  1. Harshana Rajakaruna- 51,018
  2. Heshan jayawardene- 41,654
  3. Gunsekere Liyanage- 29,944
  4. U. George Perera- 29,703
  5. Shirantha Amarasekere- 29,559
  6. Royce Fernando- 29,291
  7. Rose Fernando- 29,267
  8. Mahendra Perera- 24,728
  9. Udena Wijerathne- 23,712
  10. Pushpakumara de Silva- 20,390
Democratic Party ( 4 seats)
  1. Rajitha Hapuarachchi- 14,644
  2. Anurudhdha Lekamge- 14,058
  3. Indika Mahisha Bandara- 9985
  4. Dushan Seneviratne- 9270
Janatha Vimukthi Permune (2 seats)
  1. Mahinda Jayasinghe- 14, 933
  2. Asoka Ranwala- 7437

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Export income is go down in srilanka

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Last year(2012) exports income in first 4 months had been Us million $3317.9.But this year first 4 months export income has been decrease to the Us million $3059.8.
At this period export income has been go down in 7.8%.
At the whole export income go down in agricultural exports income in 3.4%.Technical exports income go down in 8.4% not only that commercial exports income decreased in 75.5% at this period.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Rajapaksa generation suffers from Dengue fever

Uva province chief minister Mr. shashindra rajapaksa's son had been admitted to negombo hospital due to the dengue fever.Mr. Chamal Rajapaksa is child's grand father.This incident shows disability of this government.According to the meepura web site they say Srilanka needs good plan to eliminate dengue fever.They suggest new funds need to eliminate dengue from budget and reduce security expenses.Not only that small dengue mosquito creates fear to the government.
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dengue fever son

Sunday, February 10, 2013

compassion between the Sri Lankan beggar,government employer and private employer

I heard a news a woman arrested by railway security division due to bagging inside the train at the between the Dematagoda and Colombo fort.At that movement she spooked out her daily income is LKR 3000/=(nearly  23.75$ according to the today currency exchange rates).If we calculate her monthly income is LKR 90000/=(nearly 712.59$).Because they working whole month.
But Sri Lankan government employer basic salary for month is LKR 11730/=(92.87$).If he done overtime he can get maximum LKR 20088/=(nearly 159.05$).
And also private sector employer basic salary is LKR 9660/=(nearly 76.48$).
Newly release government statement says that a one family needs LKR 47208/= (nearly 373.78$) to spend for a month.
But Sri Lankan president expends LKR 20 million(nearly 158353.13$) for a day.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Importance of N.C.I.T Mechanical engineering course

If you do this course in private sector you should give nearly  LKR 3,00000.2013 batch is taking now hurry up.You can contact career guidance unit in technical college, Ratmalana.   
N.C.I.T expand meaning is national certificate for industrial Technician.This course under discussion for NVQ Level 5.You can get government seasons in bus or train.
course duration - 2 years.
Training - 6 months in plant training.
Medium-English medium.
Entry Qualifications-Passed the G.C.E(O/L) in 6 subjects with 4 credits.
Contact Number-Galle Road,Ratmalana.(Contact Quickly)
Why you have to follow N.C.I.T Mechanical engineering

Open university Sri Lanka has recognizes this course to get exemptions.
If you follow in mechanical engineering ,

You can get 6   exemptions.

MEX3211 Communicating Engineering Information

MEX3212 Basic Thermo-fluids

MEX3233 Workshop Technology

MEX3234 Engineering Drawing

MEW3101 Basic Training I

MEW3102 Basic Training II

 If you follow in mechatronics engineering ,

You can get 4   exemptions.

MEX3211 Communicating Engineering Information

MEX3212 Basic Thermo-fluids

MEW3101 Basic Training I

MEW3102 Basic Training II

The institute of engineers Sri Lanka has recognizes this course to get entrance to their course.
click this link

You can directly sat for city & guilds advanced diploma in manufacturing filed examination without going to classes.This course covers city & guilds advanced diploma syllabus with practicals.

If you join this course you can get foreign job opportunities.  

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Where Sri Lanka going on?

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country.Srilankan people has good harts.But unfortunately Srilankan society coming bad rapidly.Because raped cases and child abuses are increased rapidly.
Raped case reports are shown happened in Sri Lanka in previous years.
 Year                         Amount
1990                           365
1995                           542
2006                         1463
2007                         1397
2008                         1397
2009                         1582
2010                         1624
2011(11 months)       1636

child abuse reports are shown in below.

Year                         Amount
2009                           1228
2010                           1446

2011                           1463                    
2012(11 months)         1464

we heard rape cases in in last few days done by groups.A one incident was done by A/L students in Puttalam district.This 30 year women faced to this incident who was travel with his husband by a foot cycle. Police has get  8 Muslim students to their Custody in ask questions who were studying in popular Muslim school in puttalam.3 Muslim students are introduced to divisional court in puttalam.Victim was a Tamil women.


Monday, January 28, 2013

Peraliya Tsunami statue damaged by an accident

Tsunami,2004,Peraliya,Galle,sri lanka,statue,black memories

Peraliya Tsunami statue was established to remind black memories of 2004 Tsunami.This statue damaged due to the accident done by a van.States said that this incident was happen in yesterday(27) night.But that van was escaped.Further investigation done by Meetiyagoda Police station.


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