Sunday, February 10, 2013

compassion between the Sri Lankan beggar,government employer and private employer

I heard a news a woman arrested by railway security division due to bagging inside the train at the between the Dematagoda and Colombo fort.At that movement she spooked out her daily income is LKR 3000/=(nearly  23.75$ according to the today currency exchange rates).If we calculate her monthly income is LKR 90000/=(nearly 712.59$).Because they working whole month.
But Sri Lankan government employer basic salary for month is LKR 11730/=(92.87$).If he done overtime he can get maximum LKR 20088/=(nearly 159.05$).
And also private sector employer basic salary is LKR 9660/=(nearly 76.48$).
Newly release government statement says that a one family needs LKR 47208/= (nearly 373.78$) to spend for a month.
But Sri Lankan president expends LKR 20 million(nearly 158353.13$) for a day.

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