Saturday, February 2, 2013

Where Sri Lanka going on?

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country.Srilankan people has good harts.But unfortunately Srilankan society coming bad rapidly.Because raped cases and child abuses are increased rapidly.
Raped case reports are shown happened in Sri Lanka in previous years.
 Year                         Amount
1990                           365
1995                           542
2006                         1463
2007                         1397
2008                         1397
2009                         1582
2010                         1624
2011(11 months)       1636

child abuse reports are shown in below.

Year                         Amount
2009                           1228
2010                           1446

2011                           1463                    
2012(11 months)         1464

we heard rape cases in in last few days done by groups.A one incident was done by A/L students in Puttalam district.This 30 year women faced to this incident who was travel with his husband by a foot cycle. Police has get  8 Muslim students to their Custody in ask questions who were studying in popular Muslim school in puttalam.3 Muslim students are introduced to divisional court in puttalam.Victim was a Tamil women.


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