Sunday, August 26, 2012

Jerry White Speech in Srilanka

Socialist Equality Party,Heshani Hotel,  Kegalle
Jerry White is an American politician and journalist, reporting for the World Socialist Web Site. He is a member of the Socialist Equality Party of the United States. On February 13, the WSWS announced that White would be the SEP candidate for president in 2012 with running mate Phyillis Scherrer.

White's Presidential campaign keeps four core components:

(1) International unity in the working class

(2) Social equality

(3) Opposition to imperialist militarism and assault on democratic rights

(4) Opposition to the political subordination of the working class to the Democrats and Republicans

Jerry White will address SriLankans at Heshani Hotel,  Kegalle In August 28 at 3.00 p.m.Don't miss this chance & give your opinions to him.    

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