Friday, September 28, 2012

Why Sri Lanka needs flexible education ministers

Srilankan education system contains in 3 steps.Primary education,Secondary education & Tertiary education.Primary education is going on grade 1 to grade 5.Secondary education is going on grade 5 to grade 13.Tertiary education is going on Technical colleges & university level.Srilankan university lectures has started a strike due to their salary problem.Further their main suggestion is  the government must be give 6% percentage from G.D.P to education.According to the other countries Srilankan government give only 1.86%
from G.D.P.

  1. Maldives                                                           8.71% 
  2. Nepal                                                               4.72%
  3. Bhutan                                                              4.02%
  4. India                                                                 3.09%
  5. Pakistan                                                            2.37%
  6. Bangladesh                                                       2.23 %
  7. Sri Lanka                                                         1.86%

Present government creates many problems in education sector in last few years.Some of them are A/L paper marking problem,A/L paper Problems,grade 5 school ship examination paper problem and military training for new university students.

This government was made by village people & government Servants. But in present government open opportunities only for rich people in Sri Lanka.Because fisher men's son can not enter the private university,Farmer's  son can not enter the private university,government Servant's son can not enter the private university.I have an experience few months back.This incident was happen in educational exhibition @ BMICH.
I went a private university stall.Their university locates in Malabe or Battaramulla. I ask from them I need to follow a mechanical engineering degree.They You have to pay 5000$ for 1 year.Full course period is 3 years.The amount payment will be 15,000$.

  • 5000$
  • 15,000$
  • 15,000 /36=416.67$ per month.
  •   If 1$=LKR 150/=
  • 416.67$= LKR 54167.10/= per month.
  •  5000$=LKR 6,50005.20 per year.
  • 15,000$=LKR 19,50015.60 per 3 years.
But most of government Servants monthly salaries are in 15,000 or 20,000.
fisher men or farmer salaries depends on natural activities.

Decision is yours?You have a responsible to take action against these country enemies to protect your child education.Because  you don't have enough money to spend your child in next 10 years.Because primary education also privatized.Education will be the grate business in Sri Lanka.
Sri Lankan Politicians will be the owners of private universities in near future.
Sri Lankan private education will be obey the private bus owners methods in near future.

 Wonder of Asia 

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