Saturday, October 6, 2012

Power of Trincomalee People

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Deputy minister of fisheries Susantha Punchinilame

Deputy minister of fisheries Susantha Punchinilame, his coordinating secretary and the bodyguards have been attacked by fishermen, with whom the minister had got into an argument at a meeting in Kantale, Trincomalee.

It all began after a fisherman had asked the deputy minister on banning illegal fishing gear and the provision of relief for the inland fisheries sector.

Angered by the question, the deputy minister and a bodyguard had attacked the fishermen.

When that fisherman’s wife and his colleague had come to his rescue, the deputy minister’s wife had attacked the fisherman’s wife.

Thereafter, the fishermen present had attacked the deputy minister, his bodyguards and the coordinating secretary, all of whom had subsequently fled the scene.

Later, police arrested two fishermen, while a woman attacked by the deputy minister’s wife, a bodyguard and the coordinating secretary have been admitted to hospital.

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