Saturday, July 28, 2012

Decrease Vehicle Registration In Sri Lanka

Vehicle registration has reduce in 66% due to the tax increasing for vehicles in last March.
Further Tri Wheel  registration has decreases in 54%,Motor cycle registration has decreases in 46% & total vehicle import decreases in 46% according to the research of J.B stock intermediary company.

4,379 vehicles & 21,833 motor cycles registered in last June but in this year vehicles registration are decrease in to 1,454 and also motor cycles registration are decrease in to 11,634.
tax increasing for vehicles in Sri Lanka
Vehicles used in Sri Lanka
But 10 Luxury vehicles are registered in a day which are above in 10 million according to the reports of Department of Motor traffic.

 Duty free vehicles had imported by Government offices,Ministries and privilege persons in government  over 260.29 Million in last September month.This vehicles are contains over 350 Montero,Juguar,Land Crusher and others.These issues are mansion in special gazette which was introduce to parliament in last 19.
Ministry secretaries,government servants,pension government servants & various social services organizations are imported these Brand new vehicles & used vehicles due to the relieving of duty.
Ministries and privilege persons,Decrease Vehicle Registration
Ministries and privilege persons,Decrease Vehicle Registration
Ministries and privilege persons,Decrease Vehicle Registration
land cruiser

$1700 Million wastes to import vehicles in 2011 but government hopes $ 700 will be save in country due to the tax amendment.But also government has face a new trouble which is how to closing the budget due to the  
low tax income according to the decrease registration of vehicles.

In addition to that marriage registration also decreases in 3.4% related to year 2010 according to the effective report 2011 from  Department of Registration.

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