Saturday, July 14, 2012

Millionaire hacked to death in gampaha

The owner of the ‘Kapruka Textile Shop’ in Gampaha Town, millionaire businessman Larik Saman Rajapaksa (44) has been hacked to death Friday night at around 7 pm while he was at his shop.

The murderers, who had entered the shop which was located close to the Gampaha Police station, by force, had allegedly hacked off one of his hand and had targeted his face, police reported. While being attacked the victim had attempted to run towards the police station but he had not been allowed to do so due to the sheer savagery of the attack on him by the attackers who had used swords to inflict the maximum about of damage on him, it was revealed. Police said that the attackers had fled towards the Gampaha market place after the incident. He has died soon after being admitted to the Gampaha Hospital said the police.

The victim Rajapaksa was a resident of Yakima and a father of one. Investigation had begun under the supervision of Gampaha SP Vijitha D Komasaru and ASP Roshan Silva by the OIC Gampaha- IP Charitha A.B.Jayasudara with the  assistance of the OIC crime investigation unit, Prabath Paranavithana. 

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